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Investors Benefits

Average net return 20%

On average, investors are earning 20% and upto 35% with no fees nor risk.

It’s quick and easy to get started

You can set up your account online in seconds, If you want to earn immediately, you can invest into our opportunities, we can always send you new listings and progress report by email.

Easy access to your money

It’s easy to access your money when you need to, by selling parts or all of your investments to other members which takes 2 days on average, if sold at par value.

NO risk

No one ever said ‘safe as the stock market’. Residential and Commercial property is a lower risk and less volatile investment, but still shows the highest reward of the major asset classes.

Complete control

You determine over what term and you know where your money is working for you.


Members have up to 25% discount on development by us or our partners.

Payment Plan option

As a member you have access to various real estate payment plan options Minimum investment ₦100000

What Lenders Are Saying

200+ Happy Investors

Relatively easy to set up, although making sure I was transferring funds to the right place was a slight concern. Overcome by online chat with someone in the team. good communication and Very professional

Adewole Lukeman

Website is brilliant and easy to use and navigate. I like the idea and what they are trying to do and it all sounds great. Problem is that with an investment you want to see equal returns across the board. I totally understand its business but at the same time I got a PEIN account I also invested.

Charles Edowonyi

Good website, though Lucky Lender Promo was a key factor in my investment with PEIN and I liked their transparency, made my move.

Ezeogu Chika

Easy to use website and good customer support. I particularly like all the dashboard, social media and emails that make it easy to monitor how well your investments are doing over time. Happy Investor.

Adebisi Oladipo

Fairly new to PEIN but so far so good Site and log in both quick and easy. Best of all original investment with only a small amount of initial outlay growing at a very respectable rate and its real estate. Long may it continue!

Tobore Oghenetega