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About Us


Prudential estates Investors Network Limited is a real estate development platform that provides investors with access to debt investment offering.

Whether you are a saver or investor, our profitable innovative platform allows individuals and businesses to access a type of investment designed to suit the current financial crisis, which has affected the economic value of the Naira and a fall in Economic activities.

New generation of real Estate Investment

With technology and innovation we are making possible a new generation of investment products that are more affordable and more available. For the first time, the online marketplace makes it possible for PEIN to match idle supply and demand.

Transparent investing

The Nigerian public’s trust in big banks is nearing all-time lows. An increasing number of investors and savers are tired of losing money against inflation from their banks. As a result, a higher percentage of Savers and investors are seeking alternative efficient and transparent investing that aligns the power of their money with the direction of real value.

Technology to real estate funding

PEIN allows investors to analyze and clearly understand the opportunities for investments at the touch of their keyboard or mobile device just like with the stock market. We have introduced technology and transparency to real estate, an industry that was long overdue for transformation.


In this new era, PEIN is best positioned to disrupt or even displace the incumbents given the following features:


PEIN keeps it simple and shares the metrics that help with informed decision-making.

Built to last

Our vision is to instil automated, scalable processes in such a way as to be able to get along under a profitable & innovative partnerships through real estate with the purpose of enhancing the lives of our members, while strengthening relationship.

Frictionless investing

Our investment processing structure allows for electronic signing and fund transferring, without the need to ever leave the comfort of your home, when investing.


Detailed metrics on the dashboard help with monitoring and tracing of investment portfolio, account management and re-investment decisions.

Dedicated Support Team

Our Dedicated Support team is fully manned during normal office hours of 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Available for Members to ensure their satisfaction with the PEIN experience and their total understanding of every aspect of investing with us. We endeavour to respond to you as fast as possible, however, during the weekends and late nights/early hours of the morning there may be a delay. You can Send us an email or use the live chat to get in touch and we will respond as soon as we can.