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Borrower (PEIN) seeking flexible short-term financing for developing residential real estate Project for onward sale.

PEIN (borrower) LOAN Notes is an investment opportunity to its Investors (Lender).

Investors get access to income/capital growth-generating short-term investment opportunities via Pein Loan Notes.

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  • Opening Date:
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  • Closing Date:
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  • Loan Interest Rate: {{project.max_interest_rate}}%
  • Loan Term: {{project.duration}} Year(s)
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Investment that out-performs Stocks, Bonds, Savings and Fixed Deposit.
With new Loan Note Investment opportunities opened up on our platform for investors, our approach to debt is unique - you invest side by side with other Lenders in Loans for Real Estate Development: PEIN originate each Loan Note and align their interest with yours.



Forget what you know about Real Estate. We are dedicated to making the whole Real Estate Investment thing better, Smarter, Easier, More Collaborative. PEIN is the home of smart money. This is where people come to take control of their finances and make their money work for them, know where their money is working.



There is a proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together".
We have to go far and together with our Lenders. We invest our Capital with our Lenders. Everyday we profit together as we make decisions to optimize each investment.



We are focused on building deep, long-term, win-win relationship and less on being solely goals-oriented. Our network of relationships constantly and independently evolves as the members in it grows; helping us both create and achieve goals beyond our wildest dreams. In the centere of relationship thinking, our Lenders are the means and the end.

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  • Required Loan:
    {{project.required_investment_amount | currency:'₦'}}
  • Opened Date:
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  • Closed Date:
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  • Loan Interest Rate: {{project.max_interest_rate}}%
  • Loan Term: {{project.duration}} Year(s)

What Investors Are Saying

200+ Happy Investors

Relatively easy to set up, although making sure I was transferring funds to the right place was a slight concern. Overcome by online chat with someone in the team. good communication and Very professional

Adewole Lukeman

Website is brilliant and easy to use and navigate. I like the idea and what they are trying to do and it all sounds great. Problem is that with an investment you want to see equal returns across the board. I totally understand its business but at the same time I got a PEIN account I also invested.

Charles Edowonyi

Good website, though Lucky Lender Promo was a key factor in my investment with PEIN and I liked their transparency, made my move.

Ezeogu Chika

Easy to use website and good customer support. I particularly like all the dashboard, social media and emails that make it easy to monitor how well your investments are doing over time. Happy Investor.

Adebisi Oladipo

Fairly new to PEIN but so far so good Site and log in both quick and easy. Best of all original investment with only a small amount of initial outlay growing at a very respectable rate and its real estate. Long may it continue!

Tobore Oghenetega